Our Mission

     At ClearPath, we know that early recovery is often overwhelming at first; even the smallest tasks can create anxiety and stagnation. But we believe that small, daily steps forward will foster the hope and confidence that leads to greater accomplishments on the road to recovery. Residents can start honing life skills in the outside world with the reassurance that they will be welcomed back to a safe and sober space with understanding and direction. We trust that community, action, and structure will give residents the tools needed to succeed in sobriety and life. We feel it is important for each person to have a sense of belonging, and at ClearPath we aim to encourage that by providing a fun, social, safe, and sober atmosphere. Our doors are always open to those searching for a happier, healthier, and more connected life.

Our Philosophy

 ClearPath was established to offer a safe haven and a helping hand to men in early stages of recovery. Sober living is often a crucial stepping-stone on the journey to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. We host a space for individuals with a solid foundation to continue their commitment to recovery by putting what they’ve learned into action.  We provide our residents with the guidance needed to flourish and reconnect to a world that once seemed fragmented and distant.

    Our intention is to facilitate freedom from the restraints of harmful substances and damaging lifestyles. We assist clients in developing new perspectives so they may experience a freedom from dependence like never before. Reliance on alcohol and substances dissipates when new passions are formed or those once lost are rediscovered. ClearPath does more than just promoting abstinence; we aim to provide space for a vibrant and reinvigorating journey toward trust, tranquility, and re-experiencing what the world has to offer. We work with our residents to promote a style of living where each unique individual can share their experiences and also learn from one another. We believe there is value and wisdom within each of us and that our atmosphere will prove that you are not alone.   

    We believe the most effective way to remedy the destruction and pain of drug and alcohol addiction is through a combination of community, connection, and (most importantly), the 12-Steps and other spiritually-based programs. A balance of mind, body, and spirit alleviates much of the chaos and toxic urges created by old ways of thinking and doing. This integration creates room for individuals willing to grow into a new life with determination and merit. We encourage our residents to take the actions necessary to not only achieve long-lasting sobriety, but also graduate our program with essential life skills and the confidence to succeed.

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