ClearPath is based on a four-tier program designed to direct our community members toward successful, lasting recovery.


At ClearPath, our goal is to empower our residents to lead healthy and rewarding lives. Our 4-tier system integrates recovery, goal setting, personal accountability and integrity. As residents advance through the stages of the program, they are given additional responsibilities, which builds a greater sense of accountability and confidence. The cumulative effect of these stages fortifies graduates for the journey ahead.

    ClearPath is a men’s sober living located in the vibrant neighborhood of Carthay Square, Los Angeles, adjacent to Beverly Hills. We have a spacious and modern home with a fully stocked kitchen of health-conscious food as well as a pool and jacuzzi to promote a restorative environment. 

    We offer transportation to all recovery-related activities such as outpatient programs, 12-step recovery meetings, doctor’s appointments, and therapy sessions. Each week we conduct personalized goal-setting sessions and set minimum meeting attendance, exercise, and work/school/volunteer requirements for clients to achieve. Our program will inspire self-sufficiency, direction, and purpose through regular in-house vocational workshops that give clients the confidence to succeed in a world that expands beyond recovery itself.

    We speak directly with our resident’s families and treatment teams on a weekly basis, maintaining an open line of communication that provides an effective structure of accountability and support. Each facet of ClearPath is designed to help residents maintain an active and focused lifestyle while consistently improving their mind, body, and spirit. We organize and participate in many recovery-related activities in the Los Angeles area to promote a social and fun environment and provide residents with the most effective and well-rounded sober living experience possible.