A Day In The Life

    We provide a strong foothold in the recovery community to help those afflicted by addiction develop lifelong connections and strengthen one another’s resolve. Recovery from substance abuse and alcoholism begins by addressing an individual’s underlying emotional tribulations and ways of thinking. Our residents are given the opportunity to re-engage in fun and healthy activities that promote a stronger mind, body, and spirit. We maintain clean living areas throughout the day, and ask that all respective chores be completed first thing in the morning.

    Each morning we greet the day with an in-house meditation group. We discuss intentions and activities for the day, as well as any anticipated obstacles with the support of our fellows. Any clients attending IOP are then transported to their appointments. Clients on higher tiers of our program will begin work or class for the day. We emphasize that the first 45 days of the ClearPath graduation track focuses on building an unshakeable foundation for recovery. Clients will concentrate on practicing self-care during this time and engaging in the recovery community. In conjunction with their licensed off-site treatment team, they will progress through the beginning stages of the 12-steps, achieving crucial milestones along the way.

    We ask residents to remain vigilant and resilient, seeking support from our staff that is available to help keep them motivated and invigorated throughout the process. It is inevitable that many will falter or make mistakes along the way, but we are willing and available to help you regain your footing. All our staff members are well-versed in recovery, and can use their insight and experience to provide the necessary direction to help residents find balance balance and maintain progress.

    Whether it’s the 12-Steps of AA, CA, NA, etc. or a meditation community like Against the Stream, all programs of recovery require action. We want our residents to take back control of their lives and come to hold each other, and themselves, more accountable. Our residents will hone their life skills in an open world while living in a structured, sober environment. Daily in-house groups build a social and comfortable environment for our residents. We pride ourselves on the level of rapport and individualized attention we are able to extend to each of our residents by maintaining a modest program capacity. We require our residents to achieve weekly minimum milestones of meetings and exercise as well as volunteering, school, or employment.

    Staff directly assists residents interested in pursuing volunteering, education, and/or employment opportunities. We provide resume-building sessions, job-hunting advice, mock-interviews, and recommend proper attire. At ClearPath we also believe it is of utmost importance to show our residents that life in sobriety is far from dull! We are involved in many local and citywide sober events. We organize activities and host events directly with many other sober livings. As a household community we participate in rock climbing, hiking excursions, surf lessons, boxing gyms, yoga, ski trips, camping, theme parks, and much more. On any given day you find our residents around town working, volunteering together, studying, planning their own outings, or helping cook a meal together.