A Message to Families & Clinicians

For Families:

    The diseases of alcoholism and addiction do not only affect the afflicted individual, but also that person’s closest friends, family, and loved ones. It is painful to feel powerless, watching a friend or loved one sinking further and giving into destructive tendencies. We are here to maintain an open line of communication with you regarding those you care about currently living at ClearPath. We provide weekly updates on your family member or loved one’s progress while respecting and preserving the level of trust we have with our residents. We strive to accommodate each individual and their family, because we understand that this is a systemic disease that impacts more than just the individual. We make ourselves available throughout the duration of this process to provide you with answers to any questions or concerns that may arise, or just give our support.

For Clinicians:

    At ClearPath we want to give your clients the best possible chance to succeed in their recovery. Our goal is for residents to continue receiving comprehensive care from licensed professionals in conjunction with our structure, building their foundation toward a healthy and positive lifestyle. We intend to maintain an open line of communication, providing weekly updates regarding residents. We feel this will give clients an effective foothold for accountability, stability, and support from all parties involved. We will work with you and uphold your suggested directions for clients while also honoring boundaries of confidentiality and trust as set by the client’s discretion. We feel working as a team will establish a positive framework and environment of goal-setting and accountability.

    Warmest Regards,

          The ClearPath Team