The ClearPath Team


We are a structured, sober community with around-the-clock staff from various backgrounds and walks of life. After many years of working in the field, and even more years of sobriety, we collectively identified the most important tools that have helped us achieve our long-term sobriety. We believe that sharing this knowledge will give individuals willing to participate and work hard the best opportunity to succeed. We are a diverse group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who share a passion to help others who are still struggling. Our greatest joy is seeing individuals work together to become part of something greater than themselves, and giving back to those in need.


Taylor Weil






       Taylor, a long-time animal lover and extreme-sports enthusiast, grew up in San Francisco, CA. He later attended Santa Barbara City College. Taylor was inspired to found ClearPath after facilitating numerous interventions for families and those afflicted by alcoholism and substance abuse. He’s seen firsthand the damage it does to individuals and their loved ones. Taylor began working on the front lines to help others on the path to recovery. He decided to establish a program that gives addicts and alcoholics the best opportunity possible to stay clean and sober and live a fulfilling life. In his experience, a combination of structure, community, and the 12-Steps instills the valuable life skills needed for individuals to achieve their goals. Taylor feels that service to others creates a sense of purpose and confidence in oneself. His philosophy of sound mind, body, and spirit is one he practices daily.


Scott Patrick

Program Director

        After graduating from Florida State University, Scott pursued a career in politics working at the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. He saw a different side to the war on drugs in the form of legislation, speaking with lobbyists, and witnessing families fragmented by alcoholism and addiction. He decided to leave politics behind in order to assist on the front lines and help individuals directly. Scott brings his personal understanding and success over previous struggles to meet alcoholics and addicts wherever they may be on their journey. Experienced in treatment and as a mentor, Scott stands behind the program at ClearPath and continues to help shape it as a beacon of hope. He continues to mentor and sponsor addicts and alcoholics early in recovery. As an avid boxer, writer, and motorcyclist, Scott credits the 12-Steps with giving him the opportunity to reclaim his life and reconnect with his passions – a goal he hopes to help others accomplish.